Service Levels

Zap Courier offers numerous service levels from immediate point to point delivery to overnight or next day delivery.

Our service levels include:

BasicWithin 4 to 5 Hours
RushWithin 3 Hours
DirectWithin 2 Hours
EmergencyImmediate Point to Point Delivery
Night/ WeekendAfter 6:00pm, Weekends and all Holidays
OvernightCall by 4:00pm, delivery by 1:00pm next day

Flat rates are available for post office and bank runs; we also offer custom pricing to fit any specific needs. We are very flexible with our pricing and can design a custom rate structure that encompasses all your requirements. Discounts are available for multiple orders or deliveries to frequent locations. If you are a casual customer there is no need to sign up on our system; we accept cash as well as credit card payments without additional costs or obligations.