Service Levels

Zap Courier offers numerous service levels from immediate point to point delivery to overnight or next day delivery.

Our service levels include:

Basic5 - 6 Hour service
Rush3.5 - 4.5 Hour service Hours
Direct2 - 3.5 Hour service
EmergencyImmediate pickup and delivery
Night/ WeekendAfter 6:00pm and all day weekends and holidays
OvernightPicked up either on the same scheduled day or the following business day. Delivery is expedited and scheduled for the very next business day, with the possibility of same-day delivery when feasible

Flat rates are available for post office and bank runs; we also offer custom pricing to fit any specific needs. We are very flexible with our pricing and can design a custom rate structure that encompasses all your requirements. Discounts are available for multiple orders or deliveries to frequent locations. If you are a casual customer there is no need to sign up on our system; we accept cash as well as credit card payments without additional costs or obligations.