Our innovative system was the first of its kind. We employ in house I.T. members who are available to customize order placing solutions to fit your unique needs. We are able to create many modifications and additional features that enable customer requirements to be met with ease and efficiency.

Interactive Online Courier System

Zap Courier was the first courier company to offer a unique interactive online courier system where orders can be placed, tracked, priced as well as invoiced, all in real time.

Some key features include, but aren't limited to:

  • Online Pricing

    We will quote you a price along with the estimated time of delivery once the order is entered. This option enables you to choose the best service for your delivery.

  • Personal Address Book

    Our interactive system remembers all of your previous deliveries so the next time you place an order to that address or company you will only have to click once. Only you are able to change or delete the information contained in the online address book, which can be done at any time.

  • Customized Software

    Our in house I.T. department can customize software to fit any special requirements. Our software is completely unique and designed and maintained by our on staff programmers.

  • Pre-scheduled Repeat Orders

    If you have re-occurring orders you don't have to place an order everyday. Our system allows users to pre-schedule repeat orders right into the system for automatic pick up or delivery. Your daily order will automatically be sent to our dispatch when it is due.

  • Custom Drop Down Menus

    We can customize drop down menus to suit your needs for a single click selection.

Courier Check System

There have been numerous cases of criminals impersonating couriers and stealing parcels from unsuspecting companies. Our Courier Check System essentially eliminates this worry by allowing our customers to double check the name, number and photograph of the person picking up the parcel. One click on our website will display this information so when a driver picks up your parcel you are confident that that person is a trained and authorized courier.

Confirmation, Tracking and Invoicing

Once your order has been delivered to its destination, you will receive an immediate email confirmation. The email contains a copy of the text signature of the person who received and signed for the parcel. This will allow you to notify your client or related party that their package has arrived.

Our innovative system enables users to search for packages efficiently by using different tracking search options, such as the tracking number, date, and address or company name. Once the trace has been located on the system, users are able to see an actual scanned copy of the waybill, including the signature of the person who received the parcel. The scanned waybill can then be either printed or emailed as required.

Zap Courier along with our innovative interactive system can customize invoicing to assist accounting simplicity. We have the ability to supply e-commerce as well as provide invoices in any format required such as Excel, PDF and many more options. Our preference is to stay environmentally friendly whenever possible so we often provide invoices by email or online. We provide many different customized options for the layout of the invoice depending on your preference. We can sort and subtotal charges by name, reference, code, cost centre, or department, making invoice resolution a simple process for you.